The City Walk Revolution has started… in Paris!
Our unique technology will allow you to discover all the pretty walking areas, and city history, to have the best possible stroll

What we do


Have more fun visiting cities than ever before

Discover the history of Paris or Aix.

Walk the 1 to 2-hour beautiful walks, while enjoying our audio tracks telling you the most fascinating true stories of the city.

Map of Stories

Geo-located anecdotes

The map of stories will geo-locate all the most interesting true stories.

Be it a battle, a mysterious disappearance, a murder attempt, or a movie scandal, all these stories happened somewhere, once upon a time on the map.

Pretty Streets

Find the best city walks

Pretty Streets is an innovative city walk technology.

Tell us how much time you've got, we'll suggest the optimal stroll. You can visualize pretty streets on the map, and the most interesting places.


Upon a Map was founded by a French and Brazilian team, with a simple vision: History is fun, and smartphones will change the way we visit places forever. We are just at the beginning of that revolution.

Our offices are based in Paris and we work with people from all over the world.

Fabrice, Pablo, Pascal, Leïla, Sarah, Linnea, Olivier, Jean-Do, Stéphane, Didier, Tomas, Mathieu, are some of the people who have spent time and efforts to make our projects come to life so far.

Fabrice Gibelin
Pablo Clement
Jean-Dominique Brignoli
Benoit Germond
Didier Gayraut
Leila Chihab
Olivier Henry
Pascal Henry
Stéphane Hibold
Linnea Bruce
Simon Robichon
Marie Vilain

To know more about our projects and innovative technology, discuss a partnership, or give us some feedback so we can improve, just contact us!

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